Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Media Brainstorming

Hi everyone and a Happy early Halloween to you!

First, we've been remiss on new podcast episodes. Like an abusive boyfriend, we're just going to say we're sorry, baby. It won't happen again.

Secondly, we're applying for an MQ2.0 grant. The "Maker's Quest" grant is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and is for independent public radio producers to find ways to bridge the gap between broadcast and new media. So if I manage to get one of these highly sought-after grants, I'd need to have some solid, innovative ideas on how to do that. "New Media" can mean social networking sites, content for mobile phones, blogs, really anythnig beyond the public airwaves. I've already got an IPR presence on the web, facebook, myspace, , etc., but I'm looking for ideas to take it beyond that. Something that keeps true to the gist of the project (a public radio parody) but beyond just people clicking on a link to listen on the web. Perhaps solicit animators to do animated shorts of brief segments of IPR? Some kind of an online treasure hunt in which the clues are taken from past IPR podcast episodes?

All ideas are welcome. These are somehwat new waters for me. Thanks as always for your support. I started this damn project 10 years ago, and it's spent more time on the shelf than off, but I'm working to change that. At some point, I'm going to use that shelf for kindling.